It Takes Courage to 
                             Ask For Help...

Kathleen Gleason LPC-S
Boerne Counseling and Consultant Service
110 Hilltop Drive
Boerne, Texas 78006
TEL (830) 249-7432


Counseling services provided to 
Individuals, Couples, Families, Adolescents, Children & Groups 

Expert/ Treatment Witness

Theoretical Approaches

Ms. Gleason utilizes several different approaches when conducting 
psychotherapy depending on the issues presented by the clients. 

          Brief Therapy ~ Solution Focused ~ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
         Rational Emotive Theory ~ Client Centered ~ Psychodynamic

Specialty Areas Include

* Anxiety * Addictions * PTSD * Relationship * Stress * Grief & Loss   
* Depression * Behavior * Communication * Marriage & Family 
* Trauma-Related Disorders * Child Abuse * Substance Dependence
* Sexual Abuse/ Assault * Family Violence * LGBT 
* Critical Incident Care Debriefing 

Additional Services

Expert/ Treatment Witness ~ Court Testimony

Guest Speaker/ Presenter 

  *Substance Abuse Evaluations ~ Substance Abuse: 6 week psycho-educational series                                                                             
Weekly Support Group for Women of Family Violence


Substance Abuse Classes ~ 6 week psycho-educational Series

 Utilizing a cognitive behavioral approach, participants gain 
knowledge about the disease concept of addiction, cost of addiction, 
the science of addiction, the phases and cycle of addiction, 
family roles, cost of co-dependency, relapse, what it takes to recover,
how to make a recovery plan, and additional coping tools and
strategies that best serves the client's individual needs.

A certificate is awarded upon completion.
Expert /Treatment Witness 
   Court Testimony

Kathleen Gleason LPC-S, holds a certification as a Diplomat 
Clinical Forensic Counselor, with over 25 years of experience. 
She has gained a reputation as a recognized expert/ treatment witness, providing court testimony in many court cases. 

Please print this form. Complete the form and bring it with you to your initial visit with Ms. Gleason, at

Boerne Counseling and Consultant Service. Directions to the facility are found in section: Driving Directions

                                         CLIENT INFORMATION-REGISTRATION


 PATIENT NAME ___________________________ DATE _____________________, 20____


DATE OF BIRTH ____/____/________ AGE ____ yrs. TEL (____) _____-________  message __


SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ______-_____-_______ DL & ST __________________- _______  


HOME ADDRESS ________________________________________ ZIP CODE ____________


EMPLOYER  & ADDRESS ______________________________________ HOW LONG _______


SCHOOL & CITY _____________________________TEL (____) _____-________Grade _____




Name: ____________________ Dose: _________   Name: _________________Dose: ________   

Name: ____________________ Dose: _________   Name: _________________Dose: ________ 

Name: ____________________ Dose: _________   Name: _________________Dose: ________


PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN* ________________________________T (___) _____-_________


LIST CHRONIC HEALTH ISSUES*__________________________________________________


CURRENT MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSES*___________________________________________


CURRENT STRESSORS _________________________________________________________


GOALS FOR THERAPY* _________________________________________________________




PREVIOUS THERAPY ~ NAME of THERAPIST _________________________________ Helpful  Y  N


WHO MAY WE THANK FOR THE REFERRAL __________________________________________


RESPONSIBLE PARTY (if different from above)


NAME _____________________________ GENDER __ M __ F   RELATIONSHIP ______________


DATE OF BIRTH ___/___/_______ AGE _____  EMPLOYER ______________________________


HOME ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________

                                             Number and Street                                City & State                                        Zip Code


TEL H (____) _____-________ CELL (____) _____-________ TEL W (____) _____-________          


                                                                                                    -   -   -   -

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY NOTIFY (if other than above)


NAME _______________________________ RELATIONSHIP ________________ Gender _ M _ F


DOB ____/____/_______ TEL (____)_____-_______ ADDRESS _______________________________  


PRIMARY INSURANCE  Have you pre-certified any visits?   __ Y __ N __ Unsure


Insured’s Name ____________________________ Date of Birth ___/___/______ Gender __ M __ F

Social Security No. _____-____-______ ID Number ____________________Group Number ____________

Insured’s Employer ________________________ Employer Address _____________________________

Carrier ___________________Tel (___) ____-______ Claims Address: ___________________________  




Insured’s Name _____________________________ Date of Birth _____/_____/_________ Gender  M  F

Social Security # ______-_____-________ ID Number ___________________Group Number _____________

Insured’s Employer __________________________ Employer Address ______________________________

Carrier ___________________Tel (___) _____-________ Claims Address: ___________________________  




_________ I do not have insurance and will pay in full at the time of service.

_________ I will file my own insurance and will pay in full at the time of service.

_________ Please conduct a courtesy billing to my insurance. The reimbursement for services will be directed to me.     


I understand that if problems arise in obtaining payments to practitioner/ therapist from my insurance company, 

I will be responsible to pay the balance of the bill and settle with my insurance carrier unless the practitioner/ therapist 

has otherwise contracted with my insurance company. Furthermore, I agree to pay off any balance on my account 

within 30 days unless I have made other arrangements with practitioner/ therapist. I understand that my account 

may be sent to a collection agency if I do not pay my bill according to this document. If use of a collection agency is 

necessary I will be charged a 10 % Interest Fee on the balance of my account in addition to a $25 collections fee.         


Responsible Party Signature ____________________________ Date ___________________, 20___                          



I authorize release of information to Kathleen Gleason LPC-S ~ Boerne Counseling and Consultant Service,

to share my information with referral sources for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, consultation, 

and professional communication. I release information to the following peron(s) or agency/business:

1. ________________________  2. ________________________ 3. _______________________

If I am an insured client, I further authorize the release of information for claims, certification, case management,

quality improvement benefit administration and other purposes related to my health plan. 

I understand that this medical release of information is valid from one year of the signature date.                  


Signature __________________________ Signed on the ___ day of ____________________, 20 ___

                                                                                            -   -   -   -



INSURANCE COVERAGE                                                                              □ N/A

You are responsible for obtaining prior authorization for treatment from your insurance carrier. We can conduct a 

courtesy billing upon request. Thus, reimbursement for services will be directed to you. If your insurance accepts 

us as an in-network or out-of-network provider you are responsible for co-payment amounts, deductibles and full 

payment fees.                                                                        Initial here: _____           



            Additional costs incurred for additional time 

Initial Visit: $160/ 60 minutes

Individual Therapy: $145/ 50 minutes; $175.00/ 60 minutes

Two or more Individuals$175/ 50 minutes

Family Therapy: $200/ 50 minutes

Drug and alcohol classes: $200.00-Initial Evaluation; $135 per class-6 week series with Certificate

Letter or Report Preparation: $450.00

Texts/ Emails: $ 15.00  (message via text or e-mail unauthorized by therapist)

Legal Testimony: $1100.00 ½ day, PLUS per diem, travel and mileage expenses

The retainer of $1100.00 must be paid in cash, one week in advance

Court: $ 375.00 per hour with a minimum of (3) hours. Payment must be made within one week of the slated 

court date                                                                                                                                                     Initial here _____




Scheduled appointment times are reserved especially for you. Late day and evening appointments are in high demand.

If an appointment is missed or canceled with less than 24 hours notice, you will be billed according to the scheduled fee. 

Missed appointments are not covered by your insurance and the charges associated with them are your responsibility. 

Repeated "no-show" appointments or “same day” cancellation could result in referring you to another practitioner. 

I acknowledge and agree with the above fees.                                                                                       Initial here: ______                        


$50.00 fee will be assessed in addition to the bank charge, the amount of check and other incurred fees. It is the 

responsibility of the patient to pay this fee. Non-payment of returned checks will result in filing with the Kendall

County Prosecutor's Office and sanctions may apply.  Initial here: ______



After-hour calls are to handle emergencies ONLY. A $25.00 fee for the first 5-minutes and an additional $5 charge

for every 5 minute increment for telephone consult. This is the patient's responsibility.         Initial here: ______


I have read and agree to the Financial Terms and Fees as indicated above.        

                                                                                                                                                                        Initial here______

                                                                                            -   -   -   -


LIMITS OF CONFIDENTIALITY  In accordance to Texas State Law….


All information between the practitioner/ therapist and the patient is held strictly confidential. There are legal 

exceptions to this:

  •  The patient authorizes a release of information with a signature.
  •  The patient's mental condition becomes an issue in a lawsuit.
  •  The patient presents as a physical danger to self (Johnson v County of Los Angeles, 1983).
  •  The patient presents as a danger to others (Tarasoff v Regents of University of California, 1967).
  •  Child or Elder abuse and/or neglect are suspected (Welfare and Institution and/or Penal Codes

In the latter two cases, the practitioner is required by law to inform potential victims and legal authorities

so that protective measures can be taken. All written and spoken material from any and all sessions is confidential 

unless written permission is granted to release all or part of the information to a specified person, persons, agency. 

or institution. If group therapy is utilized as part of the treatment, details of the group discussion are not to be 

discussed outside of the group counseling sessions.                                                                             Initial here: _____  




I authorize and request my practitioner, Kathleen Gleason LPC-S ~ Boerne Counseling and Consultant Service, 

to carry out psychotherapy treatment and/or diagnostic procedures, which now, or during the course of my treatment 

become advisable. I understand the purpose of these procedures will be explained to me upon my request and that they 

are subject to my agreement. I also understand that while the course of my treatment is designed to be helpful, my 

practitioner can make no guarantees about the outcome of my treatment. 

Further, the psychotherapeutic process can bring up uncomfortable feelings and reactions such as anxiety, sadness, 

and anger. I understand that this a normal response to working through unresolved life experiences and that these 

reactions will be worked on between my practitioner and me.  A potential side effect of psychotherapy and/or 

psychological testing is that because of the above feelings that may arise, clients may experience a feeling that 

they are getting worse before beginning to feel they are getting better. These thoughts and feelings are part of 

therapeutic process. I hereby acknowledge this potential risk.    


 ______________________________________          ___________________________ 20____                 

                 Patient Signature                                                                                                  Date  




I am the legal guardian or legal representative of the patient (write child’s name on the following space) ________________________________________ and on the patient's behalf legally authorize 

the practitioner to deliver mental health care services to the patient. All policies described in this statement

apply to the patient that I represent.   


________________________________________          ___________-_______-_____________

                        Print Patient Name                                                                  Patient/ Parent Social Security Number


________________________________________           ___________________________20___            

   Signature of legal guardian/representative                                                                    Date


Relationship to Patient ____________________


                                                                                                -    -   -   -




This consent form is an agreement between you, and Kathleen Gleason LPC-S ~ Boerne Counseling and Consultant 

Service. If you are giving your consent on behalf of a child or a dependent, write the first and last name. If you are 

completing this form on yourself, print your first and last name _________________________________

When we examine, diagnose, treat or refer you we will be collecting what federal law calls Protected Health

Information (PHI), about you. We use this information to decide on what treatment is best for you that we

can provide. We may also share this information with others who provide treatment to you or need it to arrange 

payment for your treatment or for other business or government functions.  


By signing this form you are agreeing to let us use your information and to send it to others. Please initialize

one of the statements below following the explanation. The Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPPA) explains in 

more details your rights and how we can use and share your information. Refer to the laminated forms included

in your paperwork before you sign this consent form.


In the future, we may change how we use and share your information and thus may change our Notice of Privacy

Practices. If we do change it, you can get a copy by request to our office. If you are concerned about some of your 

information, you have the right to ask us not to use or share some of your information for treatment, payment, or 

administrative purposes. You will have to tell us what you want in writing. Although we will try to respect your

wishes, we are not required to agree to these limitations. However, if we do agree, we promise to comply with

your wishes.  


After you have signed this consent, you have the right to revoke it through written request that you no longer consent. 

We will comply with your wishes about using or sharing information from that time on but we may have already used 

or shared some of your information and cannot change what has already been processed. 


____ I grant consent to share my information                                                ____ I do not want my information shared.

____ I grant consent to share my information only with 

            those whom I have designated

________________________________________            ____________________________, 20___ 

    Print name of patient or legal guardian                                                                             Date

_________________________________________          __________________________________

    Signature of patient or legal guardian                                                                        Relationship to the patient   




I acknowledge my rights as a client at the Office of Kathleen Gleason LPC-S ~ Boerne Counseling and Consultant 

Service. I understand that in the event that I am dissatisfied with their service as a mental health provider, I may 

submit a grievance to my therapist at any time to register a complaint. If I am dissatisfied with the outcome between 

myself and the provider of services, without resolution of the matter, I may file a formal complaint to:Department of 

State Health Services, Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, PO Box 149347,  Austin, TX. 78714


                                                                                                                                                                         INITIAL  _____ 



I, ______________________________________, assume all responsibility for any injuries, losses, damages,

                          Printed Name of Patient

or other losses, that may result in physical, mental or emotional harm to myself or others who accompany me 

during my on site visit with Kathleen Gleason LPC-S ~ Boerne Counseling and Consultant Services, 

located at 110 Hilltop Drive, Boerne, Texas 78006. I shall incur all losses and expenses that may arise during anytime, 

day or night, while at the office location cited above. 


Signature (Patient/Parent) ________________________________ Date ___________________, 20__

Therapist Signature _____________________________________ Date___________________, 20__